Can Alcohol Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

Alcohol and premature ejaculation

Alcohol has always been associated with sexual performance, especially premature ejaculation. But is it really beneficial or detrimental to your sex life?

Recently we have taken a look at foods and drinks that can help men last longer in bed and today we will explore the effects of alcohol on men’s sexual health and whether not drinking in moderation can help improve your pleasure and performance during intercourse, specifically for those who suffer from premature ejaculation.

The Effects Of Alcohol On Premature Ejaculation

When consumed moderately, alcohol can act as a temporary numbing agent that delays orgasm by blunting physical sensations such as sensitivity in the penis area. The numbing effect is slight when compared to delay sprays but it is there.

Moderate consumption may even be beneficial when dealing with conditions like premature ejaculation since its sedative properties could reduce arousal levels enough to give you more time before reaching climax.

Studies have also suggested that moderate amounts of beer might actually facilitate better erections due to an ingredient called xanthohumol found exclusively in hops used for brewing beer. However, this should not be viewed as encouragement for excesses; excessive intake will likely impair both erection quality and delay times negatively.

Moderation And Limits

It is of utmost importance to know your limits when it comes to alcohol consumption and premature ejaculation. Too much drinking can impair sexual performance and lead to longer periods of time before achieving orgasm or even erectile dysfunction in some cases.

Additionally, excessive amounts of alcohol will reduce the general duration of intercourse as intoxication levels could increase rapidly due to reduced tolerance.

Alcohol And Sexual Performance For Men

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation should be extra careful when consuming any type of alcoholic beverage since research suggests that there are gender differences in terms of how quickly one becomes intoxicated after having had a drink; males tend to reach higher blood-alcohol concentrations than females given equal doses. Therefore, men with this condition should moderate their alcohol consumption and take extra precautions so as to not become overly intoxicated.

Different Types Of Alcohol

When it comes to different types of alcoholic beverages, research has shown that beer tends to be the most beneficial for men’s sexual performance since its ingredients might help reduce arousal levels enough so that premature ejaculation does not occur.

However, wine is also known for having sedative properties which could prove useful in delaying orgasm.

Hard liquors such as whiskey or cognac may have a greater effect on reducing sensitivity and prolonging intercourse but caution must still be taken when consuming these drinks due to their high concentrations of alcohol per volume consumed; they can lead to quick intoxication which will impair overall sexual performance regardless if you suffer from this condition or not.

Alcohol And Sexual Satisfaction

It is important to remember that alcohol consumption can affect both pleasure and satisfaction levels when it comes to intercourse. While moderate amounts of beer might be beneficial for delaying orgasm, overdoing it could lead feelings of fatigue or drowsiness which will consequently reduce the overall quality of the sexual activity.

Additionally, too much drinking before engaging in a sexual encounter may impair one’s judgment and ability to perform sexually due to an increased level of intoxication; this could not only interfere with your partner’s enjoyment but will also likely lower your own performance during intercourse.

How Many Drinks Are Too Many?

Knowing how many drinks are too many varies depending on each person’s body weight as well as tolerance levels towards alcoholic beverages. It is generally recommended to have no more than two drinks when engaging in sexual activity, particularly for those who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Alcohol And Sexual Health

Alcohol consumption can affect overall sexual health and the quality of intercourse; it should be consumed carefully as excessive amounts could lead to erectile dysfunction or other issues such as difficulty achieving orgasm.

Additionally, alcohol may reduce sensitivity during sex which could result in a reduced level of pleasure both you and your partner might experience due to its numbing effects.


We have explored how moderate levels of drinking can help improve men’s performance with regard to premature ejaculation while at the same time pointing out comparative studies between different types of alcoholic beverages like beer versus wine and hard liquors.

Overall, it is important to drink responsibly and stay within your own limits when consuming any type of alcoholic beverage; know how many drinks are too much before engaging in sexual activity as excessive amounts can impair one’s judgment and performance while at the same time reducing pleasure levels both you and your partner might experience during intercourse.

You should also never get to the stage where you are relying on alcohol each and every time you have sex to be able to last.

A much better approach is to learn some premature ejaculation exercises or better yet complete the Stamina Coach training program that will give you the skills to last in bed without the need for alcohol.