6 Last Longer In Bed Exercises To Stop PE

If you’re serious about training to last longer in bed you’re going to have to add some exercises into the mix. These exercises for premature ejaculation will be the most important part of your stamina-building training and will be the driving force behind the improvements you will see.

But not all premature ejaculation exercises are equal.

The following 7 premature ejaculation exercises are recommended by myself and are completed by all the guys doing the Stamina Coach Program.

Types Of Premature Ejaculation Exercises

For a long time, there was only one group of exercises that were given to men who wanted to last longer in bed.

These were the premature ejaculation exercises developed by the husband and wife team of Johnston and Masters in the 60’s.

Edging Exercises For Premature Ejaculation

A traditional type of edging exercise has been around for a while now and that is what you will learn from most books or councilors. These are also combined with the “stop and start” and the “squeeze technique”. But these aren’t the edging methods I’ll be running you through today, because frankly there is a much better way.

While the concept of edging does work very well when done correctly I have found with my clients that it is much more effective to complete your sexual edging training without stopping or starting or squeezing.

Breathing Exercises To Help Men Last Longer In Bed

Note: Before you start working out with these exercises there’s some low-hanging fruit you should target first. You see as good as these exercises are. And I promise you that they will work. There are a few quick steps you should take first as you start your journey to longer-lasting sex. That is to learn how to breathe correctly, before and during sex. You can learn the basics in 5 minutes. Secondly, you should learn a few of my instant cool-down techniques that you can use straight away and will get you out of a bind in an emergency.

Now, once you have your breathing sorted and are familiar with some instant cool-down methods you’re ready to get into the serious stuff. And to really push your lasting power-up you’re going to have to do some of the following premature ejaculation exercises.

Kegels Exercises For Premature Ejaculation

Kegels Exercises are often recommended for men who are affected by premature ejaculation, and it’s true that they can help you. But you have to switch them up from the standard form because if done incorrectly they can make your premature ejaculation much worse.

You see Kegels were developed to help pregnant women and older men with weak prostates, and it’s a great exercise for those people. When guys noticed that Kegels train the same muscles (PC Muscles) that controls ejaculation it was assumed that Kegels exercises would help men last longer in bed.

But here’s why you have to be careful with Kegels. It’s because what standard Kegels are is basically flexing of this muscle in an attempt to strengthen it. however, in your case, you don’t need to strengthen your PC muscle. You need to be able to control it. And that’s a very different thing.

You see it’s the flexing and tensing of this muscle that is the literal trigger for your ejaculation so the last thing you want to be doing is training that way. That’s the problem many guys make and it’s why you’ll hear so many guys claiming that Kegels exercises have made their PE worse.

Here’s what I recommend:

Use standard Kegels initially just to get comfortable controlling your pc muscle.

To do a standard Kegel imagine yourself lifting your penis up. Now your penis won’t move a lot (unless it’s erect) but focus on the muscle between your scrotum and anus that flexes when you do this. That’s your PC Muscle. And a standard kegel exercise is basically squeezing and tensing this muscle over and over.

Another way to locate this muscle is to go take a pee. Halfway through an attempt to stop the flow of urine. That’s also your PC muscle.

Last Longer In Bed With Visualisation Exercises

Most guys imagine physical exercises when they hear the term “premature ejaculation exercises”, but a big part of it is training your mind to react in a way you decide before it starts sending off messages to your ejaculatory muscles. So you’ll be training how to use your mind and body and visualization exercises are a key component of that.

Breathing exercises

When you first arrived here I instructed you to learn some basic breathing methods first. Hopefully, you have learned and tried them out by now, so we can move on to the next phase.

Focus Training Exercises To Last Longer In Bed

There is some debate in some quarters about whether premature ejaculation is caused by mental or physical triggers.  But for me, there’s no debate at all.

It’s both.

And if you want to give yourself the best chance of lasting longer in bed, your premature ejaculation exercises training program needs to include both mental and physical modules.

The real goal is to develop your skills so that your brain and your body link up seamlessly so your ejaculatory system does exactly what you command it to. And the meditation exercises I’ll walk you through here are a big part of achieving that.


Control Exercises

Combo Exercises/ Sexual exercises

Exercises For Premature Ejaculation To Avoid


Standard Kegels Exercises

Don’t overdo standard Kegels.

Stop and Start Technique

The Stop and Start have been a mainstay for the last 70 years but I found that the original needed a few tweaks…

Squeeze Technique

The same goes for the squeeze technique

Sit-Ups and Gym training



Can I do PE Exercises on my own, without a partner?

Yes you can.

Do Premature Exercises Work?

You bet.