Focus Techniques For Premature Ejaculation


Hey guys, today I’m going to talk about how to master the art of intimate focus, a topic that you hear very little about when researching the best ways to last longer in bed.

The thing is, it’s one of the techniques that can make one of the biggest differences and take guys from a point of “almost lasting” through the danger zone and to a level where they start to approach full control.

What Are Sexual Focus Techniques

The sexual focus techniques we teach are not difficult. And it’s all about shifting your focus away from your thoughts, worries, and over-fantasizing during sex and onto the here and now of actual physical things.

The best way to do this is to focus on your partner. But what does this mean? Because this is the key to making this premature ejaculation prevention technique work.

The trick is not to focus on your partner as a whole human being. Focus on the small things. The touch of the skin on her back. The feeling of her hair as it brushes your face, the sensation on the inside of your arm as it passes her elbow.

Try to break every sensation down to its simplest form so that you can fully tune into it.

You can also focus on other physical sensations, such as the feel of the cotton sheets, the hard bed frame, or the feel of your breath.

This brings us to your next sexual focus tool. You’re breathing.

Using Your Breath To Focus

In my ultimate guide to lasting longer in bed naturally, I talked about breathing and I also covered some deep breathing techniques, but your breath can also be used as an excellent way to improve your focus on the here and now.

One of the best ways to do this is to purse your lips as you breathe out to ensure that you can feel the air as it passes between your lips. Again, really focus in on how the air feels. Don’t think to yourself “I’m breathing out and this is what it feels like”. Just focus on the tingling sensation on your lips. Remove all thoughts about the cause of the sensation and just feel the sensation.

Then from your breath, you can expand your focus to the other areas we talked about above.

Why Do These Focus Techniques Help You Last Longer?

It’s true that premature ejaculation is both physical and mental. But once you get really good at these focus techniques you can basically eliminate the chance of any of the mental triggers appearing and causing you to finish too early.

This is because your mind is so busy and involved in focusing on all the here-and-now sensations that it has no leftover recourses to worry about all that other stuff.

And as long as you can always bring your focus straight back to your partner and these physical sensations I can promise you that you will eliminate any of the phycological triggers that may be lurking once given the chance.

Do this correctly and they will never get that chance.

Much Better Than The Distraction Method

You may have heard about the distraction technique. Where they tell you to think about baseball or maths to distract yourself during sex. I’m sure you have even tried something similar yourself.

Well, I can tell you that these sexual focus methods, when done correctly are ten times more effective than simple distraction.

Not to mention that your time in the bedroom will also be ten times more enjoyable too.