How To Last Longer In Bed Without Pills or Sprays (Full Guide)

Adam Vance - Stamina Coach

By Adam Vance
Coach, Researcher, Author.

As a coach, I teach men the skills, exercises, and training techniques to last longer in bed. And today you’ll be learning the exact same methods I teach my private clients.How To Last Longer In Bed
Together we’ll be following 10 steps to rapidly build your stamina. I’ll explain everything to you in detail (with pictures and diagrams) to help you quickly learn the techniques so you can last longer in bed yourself.

For this, you won’t need any drugs, sprays, creams, pills, or weird devices. Everything you need, you already have

Because there’s only one way to truly learn how to last longer in the bedroom and that’s to develop the skills of ejaculatory control yourself.

It’s not hard, and that’s what we’ll be working on next.

Here's Some Of The Ways I'll Be Teaching You How To Last Longer In Bed

My Name’s Adam Vance, and I’m your new stamina coach. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get to work.

Here’s what we’ll be working on today.

10 Steps To Last Longer In Bed

  1. Emergency methods to last longer now (Use these tonight)
  2. Controlling your trigger muscle (when this muscle is relaxed it’s impossible to ejaculate)
  3. Mental changes you need to make during intercourse
  4. Turnbacks and how to pull them off
  5. Last Longer Exercises (Important)
  6. How to make sex last longer with controlled breathing
  7. Stamina Kegels exercises (much better than standard Kegels)
  8. The best positions to make sex last longer
  9. The anti-distraction method (stop trying to distract yourself during sex – do this instead)
  10. How to last during hard pounding sex sessions (Advanced)

And that’s it. Follow these steps today and I promise you will last 20 minutes longer in the bedroom within 4 weeks.

How You Will Last Longer During Sex

This guide is based on my Stamina Coach training system, though everything I’ll walk you through today is 100% free.

1. Emergency Methods To Last Longer Tonight

Emergency Tips To Last Longer Tonight
Before we get to the more powerful methods and premature ejaculation exercises we’ll need to set you up with some quick tricks and techniques that will help you last longer tonight.

These emergency methods are designed to cool your system fast and bring you back from the point of no return.

Why you need instant cool-down techniques

  • Last longer in bed instantly
  • Prevent anxiety and panic by knowing you always have a fallback
  • Great starting point before you learn the more powerful methods

We’ll be learning these methods first because it’s a great feeling knowing you have a stack of these up your sleeve.

The first emergency method is very simple. It’s called the PC roller. Use it as you feel like your arousal is rising but before you hit the PONR (point of no return)

Method 1 – The PC Roller

  • Run your hands up your partner’s back (or side) for a count of 2 sexual motions
  • Push your PC muscle out (this will actually de-flex it). This is one of your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Switch to a grinding motion and make sure to rotate your hips in a circular motion.  (you can slow it down but make sure not to stop moving)
  • pubococcygeus muscle

Now when I say “circular motion” I don’t mean swirling your hips around like you’re trying to draw a big squiggly circle with your penis. Like this…

How To Move Hips During Sex

Method 2 – The Tongue Tickler

This one is very simple and requires you to do 3 things simultaneously.

  • Run the tip of your tongue in a circular motion around the roof of your mouth
  • Take long, deep and slow breaths – in for 12 seconds and out for 12 seconds
  • Touch your partner’s hair and really focus on how it feels

This works by drawing your attention away from just your genital sensations.

These 2 methods are very simple for a beginner to use. But to take it up a notch with some of the more powerful techniques the Stamina Coach program contains 10 full instant cool-down methods that you can keep up your sleeve just in case.

2. How To Control Your Trigger Muscle

How To Control You Trigger Muscle To Extend Intercourse
Let me tell you about your trigger muscle…

Everything we’ll be learning is connected to a single goal. To keep your trigger muscle relaxed or “de-flexed”. Because it’s this muscle that literally propels ejaculation, and with this muscle in a relaxed state it is physically impossible for you to orgasm or ejaculate.

It’s a single muscle within the PC muscle group. From here on in we’ll be calling this our trigger muscle (much easier to say than pubococcygeus muscle….. right?)

Unfortunately, our trigger muscle is one of the most difficult muscles to manually control. but it can be done with the right training.

Right now your trigger muscle has a mind of its own. it’s basically like a 2-year-old child. It does what it wants when it wants.

That’s why you have to teach it how to behave with targeted training.

This training builds up muscle memory, and once complete you will be able to relax this muscle on call. This is the key to preventing premature ejaculation and you will reach this level within 3 weeks of training.

How to control your trigger muscle

  • Build muscle memory through targeted training
  • Learn how to relax surrounding muscles
  • Use mental tricks to instantly relax pelvic muscles

The training component is very specific so we can’t cover it in full here, but for those guys who complete the full Stamina Coach program, this will be a big step towards gaining total ejaculatory control.

3. Stop Your Thoughts, Anxieties, and Mindset Causing Premature Ejaculation

Mental Changes To Last Longer In Bed

Since you’re a guy who struggles to last in the bedroom it’s only natural to be feeling nervous, inadequate, or low on confidence going into sex. It’s a natural response to the temporary situation you’re in.

But this is not a part of you and it’s not something you’re stuck with. And here’s how we’re going to get on top of it.

To stop your thoughts, performance anxiety, and mindset causing you to ejaculate early we will do these 2 things.

Step 1 is to learn all the physical skills I cover on this page.

You see the best way to boost your mental confidence and avoid panic, is to learn and practice all the skills needed to last in bed. Once you have mastered these skills an aura of natural confidence will follow.

In fact, if you don’t have any of these skills, I’m sorry to say it but you have a good reason not to be confident walking your girl to the bedroom.

Confidence Comes With Skills

The 2nd part is to make changes to the way you approach sex and what you think about during it.

Here’s some stuff to get you started

Mental Changes To Last Longer During Sex

  • Focus on your partner – Any time your mind starts to wander, panic or stress bring your focus immediately back to your partner.
  • Don’t think of sex as something mystical. Think of it as an activity. One that just happens to feel great when done the right way.
  • Women are not so different from us: They are not from a different planet and they have 99.9 percent of the same genes as you. You’re having sex with just another person with many of the same thoughts, fears, and emotions as you. Don’t forget this.
  • Learn all of my emergency methods. There are 10 of these in the full program and knowing you have these up your sleeve is a great way to stop doubt and panic.
  • Visualize sex as you riding a wave of pleasure, not as pressure building up inside until you burst (more on this soon)
  • Don’t overthink – and never try to guess what your partner is thinking or start thinking up advance excuses should you ejaculate early. Focus on physical things happening right now. Touch, smell, feel.
  • Lighten up – Remind yourself that It’s not the end of the world should you ejaculate early. Talk to your girl. make a joke.
  • Know that you will improve – If you follow everything I layout for you today it is literally impossible for you not to increase your lasting time each time you have sex. It may feel like it’s hard at times, but you will get there.

And it’s that simple. Make these changes and you will last longer in bed.

4. Turnbacks

Turnbacks And How To Use Them To Make Sex Last Longer
That moment when you start pulling off multiple turnbacks during sex is the point when this is all going to click together.

It’s the moment when you realize you are not stuck being below average in bed, and that this stuff really works. It will feel like you are taking back control.

What Are Turnbacks?

Turnbacks are when you feel your arousal rising towards the point of no return and are able to turn back to a controlled state during sex.

Turnbacks Help You Last Longer In Bed By Riding The Wave Of Arousal

Once you make one turnback during sex. The chance of you lasting longer will actually increase dramatically. most guys don’t get this.

Let me explain…

Pressure cooking vs Surfing

Most guys think of themselves as if they were a pressure cooker during sex. Building up with pressure until… Boom. It’s all over.

You probably feel like this too, and it’s time to stop that thinking right now.

You see, lasting longer during sex isn’t about trying to keep your arousal as low as possible. It’s about learning to ride that wave of arousal.

You have to face the feeling of arousal, and learn to harness it. Not run from it. And I promise that if you follow everything we’ll work on here you’ll soon reach a stage where you have full control over it.

You’ll reach a level where you’ll push your arousal up on purpose and then at the perfect moment do a turn back move and feel your arousal subsiding. The more you do this, the more comfortable it will become, and before you know it the clock will have been ticking for 30 minutes plus.

So don’t forget…

You, my friend, have the mindset of a surfer riding that wave of pleasure and you are NOT some pressure cooker steaming away broccoli.


How To Ride Your Sexual Arousal During Intercourse

Got it. Cool.

Let’s move on…

5. Best Exercises To Help Men Last Longer In Bed


Bext Exercises To Help Men Last Longer In Bed

Don’t worry. I’m not going to get you to do any chin-ups or squats with a weight tied to your penis.

But this next section is important…

What we have covered up to here will have you lasting longer during sex without pills or sprays, but to start building some serious stamina you’ll need to do some targeted training exercises. And that’s what we’ll be working on next.

These stamina-building exercises are the motor driving the improved staying power you will experience.

Stamina Edging

The edging component of the Stamina Coach course helps men extend the plateau stage of intercourse. These are specific edging techniques that teach you to ride the wave of arousal instead of just whipping out after a few seconds.

Stamina Edging Exercises Can Help You Last Longer In Bed

Resistance Training

Almost all other guides on premature ejaculation teach you the traditional squeeze technique or the stop and start method. These were developed by sex researchers over 50 years ago. But through my research and one on one training, I have developed much more effective methods.

These are specific exercises that gradually add higher levels of sexual stimulation. You’ll start off with low levels of stimulation and build it up to levels of high stimulation that simulate that of real sex.

Stamina Kegel Exercises For Premature Ejaculation

A specifically designed Stamina Kegel exercise will also be a part of your training to last longer in bed. See below where I explain how to do these.

6. How To Breathe To Last Longer During Sex

How To Breath During Intercourse
This stuff is so simple to learn and do yet most guys get this completely wrong. You can learn the right way to breathe in 5 minutes and it’s will help you straight away.

Breathing correctly helps men last longer because it:

  • Delivers oxygen to your blood
  • Regulates your system
  • Re-aligns your focus (away from just your genitals)

How To Breath During Sex

The key is to breathe from your diaphragm and not your chest.

  1. Breath in through your nose steadily and from your diagram for about 8 seconds
  2. Hold for half a second and at this point make a conscious effort to relax (de-tense) your stomach and core muscles
  3. Breath out steadily through slightly pursed lips
  4. On your outward breath visualize yourself breathing out tension
  5. Repeat.

I teach my clients 3 different breathing techniques to use at different times but here we’ll just look at a basic all-round technique

7. Stamina Kegel Exercises And Why They’re The Only Kegel Exercises You Should Do

A lot of the low-quality advice you’ll see online will tell you to do a type of pelvic floor exercise called Kegel exercises to prevent premature ejaculation. Problem is, standard Kegels won’t help men last longer in bed and can actually make things worse.

That’s why I have developed a special set of what we call Stamina Kegels, that are specifically designed to increase your control (not your strength).

You see, standard Kegels build strength in your PC and pelvic floor muscles but since you ejaculate early this is the last thing you want to do.

It’s the tensing of this specific muscle that is literally the physical trigger of your ejaculation, so the last thing you want is to have it twitching about like some steroid-filled bodybuilder.

Kegels Exercises Focus On The PC Muscles (Pubococcygeus)

Nope. We’re all about building control, and that’s exactly what you’ll do with the stamina Stamina Kegels exercises we’ll be working on completing.

8. Best Sex Positions and Techniques To Make Sex Last Longer

Most guys have a terrible technique during sex. And once we fix this up you’ll be lasting longer in bed plus turning your girl on a whole lot more.

Problem is, most guys just poke away in a rigid way during intercourse. There’s no flow or smooth transition of movement. Just in-out-in-out…

But when you learn to move in a more fluid way during sex it does two very important things.

Firstly, It spreads muscular tensions around to all of your surrounding muscles, instead of concentrating these contractions and tensions within the pelvic and ejaculatory area. Because here it will quickly trigger premature ejaculation.

Secondly, it puts you in a state of flow mentally where you’re more receptive to the whole spectrum of sensations. This may sound like a bad thing. But it’s actually very good.

So it’s not only the sex positions you choose that are important. It’s also your technique.

The Anti-distraction Method

What To Focus On In Bed
A lot of the premature ejaculation advice you’ll read online or advice from places like Reddit will tell you to distract yourself during sex. They will tell you to solve math problems or think about the ugliest, most disgusting thing you can.

You might have even tried this yourself.

But before that vision of old aunt, Bessy on the toilet enters your mind. Stop! because there’s a much better way. The trick is to tune in, not out.

We’ll call this the Anti-distraction method and it’s 10 times more effective at stopping premature ejaculation.

The problem most guys make during sex is they focus solely on the sensation in your genitals. It’s time to shift that focus.

You need to put all of your focus on your girl and all the sensations you are feeling. And the best way to do that is to the following:

  • Gently rub your hands all over your partner’s body during sex and make sure to hyper-focus in on how it feels. Focus on the non-sexual areas. Her back, legs, and even her hair.
  • Synchronize your movements through your whole body (don’t just poke away with your groin)
  • Bring your focus  back to your girl any time it starts to drift or you start worrying about your performance
  • Combine the breathing and visualization methods to put yourself right in the zone.

Make sure to combine this with all the other skills we will be working on but it’s a big part of getting you to a level of full ejaculatory control. As you keep working at it you’ll find that they’ll be a moment where it all just clicks into place.

10. How To Last During Hard Pounding Sex Sessions (Advanced)

How To Last Longer During Hard, Fast And Pounding Intercourse

We’ve come this far, so why not go the whole way and take it up to the top level. Poking away during slow cautious sex is one thing. But sometimes your girl is going to need some hard, pounding sessions to keep her primal urges satisfied and get her juices running.

She’s only a Tinder swipe away from getting this elsewhere, but in this part of the program, we’ll be making sure that it’s you she’ll be getting it from.

This module should be completed in the final week of training and you really need to learn all the other stuff before you’re ready for these advanced methods.

For those guys who will miss out on access to the full course here’s

  • Turn your ejaculatory reflex off with a 3 pronged combo move
  • My full immersion method that puts you completely in the zone
  • Pelvic rotation movements that allow hard pounding sex
  • An advanced mental hack that changes the way your frontal lobe makes associations during sex
  • Plus the final advanced training modules of the program

Why You Will Probably Fail. Sorry.

Why Most Guys Fail To Last Longer In Bed
I’ll be honest. And I sincerely hope this isn’t you, but most guys who can’t last in bed are going to stay that way. Even if you’ve landed yourself on this page the odds are still not great.

And there’s a simple reason for this. Because most guys fail to take action.

But if what we have covered on this page makes sense, then you are just the guys that these methods will work for.

Last Longer Tonight With The Worlds Best Premature Ejaculation Training Program

Thanks for joining me and I hope you have found what you were looking for. I put a lot of effort into explaining what the Stamina coach program is and what it can do for you. That’s because I hate to see guys like yourself missing out on such an effective program and the chance to enjoy real sex the way you deserve.

I have helped thousands of men use these methods to last longer in bed, and as a professional, it’s hard to see guys make it this far and then fail to take action.

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If you have any more questions or are unsure about anything you can get in touch with me here. I should also add that if you currently experience erectile disfunction is best to visit a doctor before starting the course.

And for the guys doing the full course. Well done, and from here on in I’ll be guiding you each and every step of the way. Developing these skills yourself and then using them with your girl is such a great feeling, and you’re going to love it.

Yours sincerely

Adam Vance

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