Last Longer With Kegels Exercises For Premature Ejaculation

Kegels for premature ejaculation.

Here’s what we’ll be covering

  • What are Kegels
  • Who Are Kegels Used By
  • Can Kegels Exercises Help You Last Longer In Bed
  • Standard Kegels
  • Flutter Technique
  • Reverse Kegels
  • Stamina Kegels
  • Best Exercises To Last Longer In Bed

Kegels exercises seem to be the latest trend for men wanting to last longer in bed. But not everything you read online is true so here is where I’ll break it down for and separate fact from fiction.

In short. Yes, Kegels exercises can help you last longer in bed. But they have to be done the right way and you need to make adjustments See my stamina Kegels) to the standard form or Kegels often talked about online. Because doing Kegels the wrong way or excessively will likely make your premature ejaculation problem worse, not better.

But don’t stress. Down the page, I’ll show you the right way to use Kegels exercises to last longer. But first, let’s look at what Kegels are and how they came about.

Kegels are talked about a lot online for men trying to stop premature ejaculation. But most of the stuff out there is likely to make your premature ejaculation worse, not better.

And there is a very simple reason for this.

You see standard Kegels do work the same muscles that are responsible for ejaculation. So that must be good right? Well no. And here’s why.

Because what standard Kegels do is teach you how to flex this muscle. You are basically flexing your ejaculatory muscles over and over again to try and strengthen it. But this is the last thing you need. It’s the tensing of this muscle that is the physical trigger for ejaculation.

So you have the right muscle, you’re just doing the wrong exercises.

you don’t need more strong here. You need more control. What you really want is to be able to relax or “de-flex” this muscle on call.

Here’s what to do.

Note: This is just a quick rundown of the steps I teach to my private clients and in the full Stamina Coach course, but it should be enough to give you an idea and get you used to release control from these muscles.