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Reviews For The Stamina Coach

“Last night I Gave my girl an orgasm”

I could never even last one minute in bed before. And of course I could never give my partner an orgasm without going down on her.

She made a few comments to me which was when I knew she was fed up and that I had to do something. I was just about to buy one of those numbing sprays online when I came across the Stamina Coach site. I didn’t want to look like some weirdo with a spray every time before sex so the idea of training myself to last longer sounded great.

To be honest I thought it wouldn’t as I always thought I this is just how I was and I couldn’t control it, but I worked through all the training exercises.

“I can enjoy sex for the first time”

In the past I used to hate sex. I knew it would be over straight away and I’d just end up embarrassing myself. Then I’d have to go to my list of excuses that I always bring out every time I come early. “it’s just you turn me on so much”, “It’s been a while since I’ve had sex”, and the complete lie “It’s doesn’t usually happen”. I’d then be too embarrassed to see the girl again.

“My wife got the program for me”

I was pretty embarrassed when my wife tells me she had bought a program to help me last longer in bed. But I realized how unsatisfied she was and getting desperate. So I gave the program a try.

Adam explained everything really well. I could last longer on the first night after learning the breathing and emergency methods. And by the 2nd week I was lasting over 10 minutes. It was crazy. I’d never lasted that long before and I each time I had sex I’d go for longer than the last time.

I’ve just finished the advanced modules and now I last longer than my wife. The part about riding arousal like a wave was when it all came together.