5 Best Positions To Last Longer In bed

Best Positions to last longer in Bed

If you’re here, then it means that you want to improve your sexual performance and have been on the lookout for ways to last longer in bed.

While you can train yourself to last longer in bed, it does take from 4 to 6 weeks before you start getting up above 10, 15, and 20 minutes of lasting time. So what should you do in the meantime?

Why not experiment with a few positions that can help you last longer?

No matter which position or a combination thereof works best for you – spooning while face-to-face? The cross? The lazy dog? Woman on top? The throne? – with a few handy tips, you should be able to achieve a few extra minutes.

Spooning Position

The spooning position is one of the most popular positions when it comes to lasting longer in bed as it allows you to keep your pelvis muscles relaxed

Spooning helps you last longer because they have much better control over their movements during intercourse while being able to fully focus on ALL parts of your partner.

How To Do It: This simple but delightful move involves positioning yourself behind your partner where they lie down on their side (with knees slightly bent) and relaxes. You then move in tandem and enter from behind – keeping your pelvis close to the body for full penetration combined with a tight grip of the hips/waist area so that you can control the movements better.

Face-to-Face Position

The face-to-face position is incredibly popular as its intimate nature allows both partners to connect emotionally while looking into each other’s eyes during intercourse.

Assuming such connection helps men stay focused on pleasing their partner instead of trying too hard at lasting longer; thus reducing any anxiety or pressure they may have had prior which also works towards improving performance metrics like staying power!

How To Do It: This requires positioning yourself overtop (kneeling) so that both of you are facing each other. You then slowly lower yourself onto your partner, making sure to keep connected at the hips and stomach area.

The Cross Position

This athletic move requires a bit more flexibility & strength; however, is still widely used (and recommended!) as it allows true lovers who want extra spice in the bedroom plenty of room to experiment with different angles and movements when creating new combinations!

The cross position can help men last longer because its high-intensity nature keeps them focused on maintaining balance which inhibits reaching orgasm too quickly– plus since there’s no direct contact with the genitals or breasts, this helps reduce sensations of pleasure which makes it easier to control their climax.

How To Do It: This brilliant position begins by having your partner kneel down on all fours while you get into a side-straddle atop her (or him) – straddling over one leg so that they can penetrate you from underneath and at an angle. You should be lying parallel across his/her back making sure there’s enough room for both partners to move around freely as desired!

The Lazy Dog Position

This unique variation of doggy style offers some flexibility when trying different thrusting depths & speeds; plus being able close off any distractions in order to concentrate solely on pleasing each other is a bonus too!

The lazy dog position can help men last longer because it requires the receiver to keep their legs spread wide apart while they are penetrated– creating more room and control on how deep or fast each thrust is which then builds up sensations of pleasure instead of releasing them all at once.

How To Do It: The man should be lying on his stomach first with one leg slightly bent & raised off the floor – this makes sure that there’s enough space for penetration without having either partner strain themselves unnecessarily during intercourse. His lover (or yours!) will then kneel behind him in order to penetrate from behind – making adjustments as desired until reaching an ideal level of comfort & stimulation levels both ways!

Women-On-Top Positions

For some guys, the woman-on-top position is a great way to last longer for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it allows you to totally relax all your core and pelvic muscles which is one of the keys to avoiding premature ejaculation.

Secondly, it frees up your hands and allows you to caress your partner which is a great opportunity to practice fully tuning in to your partner.

The Throne Position

This position is ideal for those searching for a regal approach that offers equal shares of exertion & pleasure – allowing couples to stand up while still connecting on an intimate level.

It also helps men last longer due to the fact it generally requires less movement in order to achieve stimulation, making sure not all sensory overloads are felt at once which again gives them better control over their performance (and enjoyment!) during intercourse.

How To Do It: This move begins by having one partner sit comfortably on either side facing away from each other; then they should lean back against one another so there’s enough space for penetration. Once all desired adjustments are made, the man can then slowly enter from behind while both partners utilize their hands to keep balance during intercourse!

How Training Can Make You Last with Any Position

No matter which position works best for you and your partner – or even if it’s a combination of different poses over time – training is key in order to prevent any form of premature ejaculation permanently.

This may involve edging techniques where one purposely orgasms & refrains multiple times prior to having sex, breathing exercises meant for relaxation purposes before engaging in intercourse activities; plus alternate forms of stimulation like light touches/caresses instead of solely focusing on penetrative movements.

The goal here is to practice, understand and become look-familiar with one’s body so that better control over it can be achieved and make sure both partners will get maximum pleasure out of the experience no matter which positions you decide upon.